Super Flower Leadex III 650 W Review 16

Super Flower Leadex III 650 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Super Flower Leadex III 650 W retails for €84 in Europe ( and In the US, Super Flower doesn't have a retail presence.
  • Delivered full power at 47°C
  • High overall performance
  • Very good transient response at +12V
  • Dead-silent operation
  • Efficient enough under light loads
  • Highly efficient 5VSB rail
  • Fully modular
  • 2x EPS and 4x PCIe connectors
  • Optional semi-passive operation with three modes of operation
  • Build quality is good enough
  • FDB fan
  • Compact dimensions
  • Not available in the US
  • High OCP at +12V
  • Low PF readings with 230 V input
  • Noticed a high EMI spur at low frequencies
  • Caps on the modular cables can be a headache for some users
Another excellent power supply from Super Flower. The 650 W Leadex III unit is dead silent, beating even the Corsair RM650x in terms of noise output. In addition, performance is on par with its main competitors, the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold and Corsair RM and RMx units of similar capacity. Moreover, Super Flower has tuned the 5VSB circuit for higher efficiency than the Leadex II models, and there are enough connectors. You won't find very many 650 W PSUs with two EPS cables.

Under normal operating conditions, the fan will rarely spin, especially if you switch to Mode 0. Even with increased load on the minor rails, the PSU can handle the thermal load and doesn't activate the fan. The list of advantages also includes the FDB fan, good transient response, especially at +12V, which is the most important rail, and great ripple suppression. Also, load regulation is tight enough on all rails, and the hold-up time is much longer than the ATX specification requires.

Thanks to the massive number of tests I conduct, I have a detailed picture of every PSU in my lab, especially of any issue, significant or not. In the SF-650F14HG, the things I didn't like are the low PF readings with 230 V input and the wrong over-current protection setting at +12V, which allows this rail to drop too low. Both of those issues can easily be fixed by Super Flower. Another issue that will probably trouble many is that you currently cannot find the new Leadex III or any other Super Flower models in the US, and the situation will only worsen due to Trump's tariffs. That said, the brand's executives will hopefully find a way to enter this market regardless. For the moment, you can only get your hands on a Super Flower platform through EVGA, whose high-end models are made by this OEM.

To wrap up, the Super Flower Leadex III with 650 W maximum power output performs very well and is among the quietest PSUs money can get you today. This is practically a passive unit with a fan to handle incredibly harsh conditions.
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