Super Flower Golden Silent 500 W Review 3

Super Flower Golden Silent 500 W Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The cheapest price we found for Super Flower's Golden Silent 500 W in European on line stores was $163. Currently this unit is not available in the U.S. but if you are interested you can buy the Kingwin Stryker Fanless Platinum 500 W (STR-500) which is exactly the same PSU.
  • Zero noise since it has no fan
  • Handled full power at 50°C
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Tight voltage regulation at +12V
  • Excellent ripple/noise suppression
  • Can be overpowered to 600W with Gold level efficiency along with low ripple on all rails
  • High price (but you get what you pay for in this case)
  • No MOV in the transient filtering stage
  • Some long component leads on the solder side of the main PCB
  • Small distance between the modular PCIe and SATA/Peripheral connectors
  • We would like it to have tighter voltage regulation at 3.3V
Once more a Super Flower PSU managed to impress me and after about 30 PSU reviews I have written for TPU I think it's crystal clear that I am not so easily impressed. This platform will certainly bring nightmares to the competition, since it combines extraordinary efficiency, tight voltage regulation at +12V, zero noise output and enough capacity to power a mid-range system with two VGAs installed.
If the minor rails kept their voltage regulation within 3%, then for sure the overall performance would reach perfection. The only flaw I found in this design is the completely unjustified absence of an MOV from the transient filtering stage. Since there is space on the PCB I simply cannot understand why a manufacturer spoils an excellent design with the omission of such a crucial component that costs cents. The only exception is if an IC on the PCB has the capability to absorb/protect against spikes, something that we have seen in FSP's Aurum PSUs. However an MOV is easily replaced if broken, something that simply is not the case for an IC.

To wrap it up, this PSU will be greatly appreciated by all users that desperately seek completely inaudible components for their systems. It will offer zero noise, outstanding performance & efficiency and enough juice to power a strong system. Currently the Super Flower Golden Silent 500 W is the only Platinum fanless unit available on the market so it plays alone on the field. We are eager to see the responses of other major manufacturers and hopefully the price of this new breed: Platinum Power Supplies will come down to more affordable levels.
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