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Swiftech MCP655-PWM Pump Review



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Swiftech is one of the most famous brands in the market of PC DIY watercooling, with well over a decade of experience and products that have gained the reputation of the market. Among these is their take on the excellent Laing D5 pump called the MCP655, which they have designed their own top and installation for in an attempt to separate it from other Laing D5 offerings from other companies. Thanks to Swiftech for providing a review sample for us to take a look at ourselves.

The MCP655, as it comes from Laing, is the bare bones D5 pump Swiftech also sells as an OEM device. If you fancied a top from someone else, this is the SKU to go for. Most first-timers would want to get a pump and top combo unit, however, and that is where the acrylic or acetal top versions come in. The MCP655 with a PWM motor is rapidly gaining popularity due to motherboard makers recognizing and supporting PWM fans and pumps alike, and Swiftech sent us the MCP655-PWM-Acrylic SKU accordingly.


Swiftech MCP655-PWM Pump (Intel)
Top:Choice of acrylic or acetal top
Nominal operating voltage:12 V DC
Rated power draw (@12 V):24 W
RPM range:800-4500 RPM (via PWM control)
Rated discharge (@12 V):55 GPM / 1250 LPH
Rated head (@12 V):4 m / 13'
Dimensions:115(L) x 83(W) x 110(H) mm
Ports:Four, BSP G1/4" threaded
Warranty:Two years

Packaging and Accessories

Swiftech operates a web shop in the USA, from wherein this sample came, and as such, we begin with a look at the shipping packaging. A good-sized box has been chosen, with ~1" of space on all sides and packing peanuts all over the product packaging as well. An excellent start!

The product packaging is in a similar design scheme as for the rest of their products, with a glossy black background and very few details otherwise. There is the company logo on front, and a label on the back identifies the product inside, along with some salient technical specs listed, but that's it - no flaps, no seals. Open it and a QC sticker greets us, which is nice to see, and there is a piece of thin, soft foam on top, above the pump itself.

A printed manual, online copy here, is included, which helps with installation and general usage as there are four ports available. With two as dedicated inlet ports and the other two as dedicated outlet ports, properly identifying these is also critical. Under the pump are the installation accessories, which come in separate, marked zip-lock pouches wherever applicable. Swiftech includes two metal pump-mounting brackets, eight metal bracket-mounting screws (M4 x 6), four metal case-mounting screws (M4 x 8), eight metal washers, four metal locking nuts, and two metal G1/4" stop plugs for the spare plugs.

During the course of the review, I noticed that some performance numbers were not as expected, and a few emails went through between Swiftech and myself. Part of the discussion revealed that Swiftech was planning to include vibration-dampening installation with subsequent batches, and they were kind enough to send a kit along to show what future customers would get. The only change is with the case-mounting kit; the brackets still install to the pump as before. Included here are some shorter and thinner metal screws and some rubber grommets that go over the three holes in each pump bracket. This will help reduce vibrations the pump may pass on to the case and vice versa, thus lowering the potential for noise sources further.

Let us now take a look at the pump on the next page.
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