Synology DS220j 2-bay NAS Review - For Tight Budgets 0

Synology DS220j 2-bay NAS Review - For Tight Budgets

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Power Consumption

Let us now check on just how much power the DS220j needs in sleep, idle, and during heavy throughput.

I use a GW Instek GPM-8212 power analyzer for all power consumption measurements.

Sleep, Idle And Load

Power consumption is very low, which means having this NAS operate around the clock is not an issue. However, these power-consumption measurements were taken with SSDs, which consume much less energy than hard disks.

Power Consumption in Standby Mode - Comparison Graphs

Vampire power, or phantom load, is the amount of energy a device consumes when it is switched off but still plugged into the power grid. According to the ErP Lot 6 2013 directive, vampire power should be below 0.5 W.

Vampire power is below 0.5 W throughout, which makes this NAS ErP Lot 6 2013 compliant.

Power Consumption Sleep, Idle And Load - Comparison Graphs

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