Synology RT1900ac Wireless Router Review 12

Synology RT1900ac Wireless Router Review

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The package is a plain cardboard box with a couple stickers on it. A large sticker on front is of the router and its most notable features.

A sticker on the rear covers a possible usage scenario for the RT1900ac.

Contents & Bundle

The contents of the box are neatly arranged, with the router inside a protective wrapping. The three omni-directional antennas are right under the router.

A smaller box contains the rest of the bundle, which consists of an Ethernet cable, a quick installation guide, and a stand for installing the router upright.

The power brick's model number is WA-24E12, and it is made by Asian Power Devices. It can deliver 2A with 12V output, which amounts to 24W in total, definitely enough for the RT1900ac. Along with the power brick, you will also get a plug based on your region. We got an EU plug and the standard US plug.
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