Team Group T-Force Delta TUF Gaming RGB DDR4-3200 CL16 2x8GB Review 7

Team Group T-Force Delta TUF Gaming RGB DDR4-3200 CL16 2x8GB Review

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A Closer Look

The Delta RGB kits have an almost winged design, but toned down to a more obscure shape. The packaging describes the aluminium heat spreader as an "asymmetrical minimalist design", and I would say that is accurate.

The profile has lots of angles, and grooves are stamped into one corner of each side. The top is dominated by a large RGB light bar. The T-Force DELTA TUF Gaming RGB is black with prominent yellow accents and a printed digi-cam pattern. This fits right in with the theme of the Gaming Alliance, but would be perfectly at home in any black and yellow system.

The specs on the T-Force DELTA TUF Gaming RGB are solid, if not extreme. 3200 MHz CAS 16 is a pretty good middle ground for price/performance right now as going with higher frequency or tighter timings nets continuously diminishing returns in most applications from this point onward.

"T-Force" is printed on to the center of each side, with a "Delta R" in the top right and "TUF Gaming Alliance diagonally along the left within a yellow band.

The heat spreader is a standard aluminium stamping held to the PCB with adhesive. As you would expect, these are single sided.

The full PCB marking is obscured by the heat spreader, and only the first few characters can be made out. The only other marking is a tiny "10" along the same edge, implying that these sticks have a ten-layer PCB.

I like to weigh a stick from each kit I get as the difference in mass can be pretty drastic between kits. Mass is not the best indicator of cooling efficiency because material can matter, and of course, heat dissipation is reliant on surface area, not volume or mass. That said, it is still interesting to compare. The T-Force DELTA TUF Gaming RGB comes in at 51.47 g on my scale, which is pretty light, but I am sure it will be just fine. The truth is that as long as your case has some airflow, your RAM likely doesn't need a heat spreader at all. They do look nice, though. These sticks measure in at roughly 49 mm on my calipers.
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