Team Group Vulcan Gaming DDR4 3200 MHz TUF Edition Review 2

Team Group Vulcan Gaming DDR4 3200 MHz TUF Edition Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The 16 GB (2x 8 GB) Team Group Vulcan Gaming 3200 MHz kit is available for around US$185.
  • A perfect match for current ASUS TUF motherboards
  • 3200 MHz for easy compatibility with most platforms
  • QVL-tested on dozens of Intel motherboards, not just ASUS
  • Aluminium heatspreader
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No LEDs
  • Heatspreader design specific to any motherboard means it not matching other boards
  • Either you like how these sticks look or you don't
  • No RGB
As we've seen recently at Computex, there have been many different new DDR4 memory entries from all sorts of brands you wouldn't expect, and they all have something in common: the TUF Gaming Alliance. I'm not exactly sure what this is, this alliance, but that said, what they obviously seek to offer is a set level of quality and compatibility that is far and above anything else out there. The base of that are ASUS-designed TUF motherboards, which offer a longer warranty than pretty much any other board does. I think if you understand what it means to have that extended warranty, you want to pay attention to the TUF Gaming Alliance.

Team Group's Vulcan Gaming series of DDR4 might be one of the best-looking kits of the TUF Gaming Alliance that I have here, and let me tell you, I have quite a few. With so many kits on offer for the ASUS TUF motherboards, you really have to stand out from among the crowd, and these kits do a good job of that. They aren't blazing fast, so they'll work with anything, but still are fast enough to offer some benefit just from speed alone. Memory is really supposed to be that device you can just plug in and have work, and Team Group has taken the time to test these kits on pretty much every motherboard out there on the market right now that uses DDR4, so no matter what you want to use these with, you can pick up a set and know that they are going to work. There's no RGB LEDs, so you don't have to think about needing any sort of software to install and what issues that might cause, making this just a simple high-end memory kit with a nicely designed heatspreader that is guaranteed to work no matter what. It would really be nice if every memory kit worked this way.
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