Team Group T-Force XCALIBUR RGB DDR4-3600 CL18 2x8GB Review 10

Team Group T-Force XCALIBUR RGB DDR4-3600 CL18 2x8GB Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The 16 GB (2x 8 GB) Team Group T-Force XCALIBUR DDR4 3600 MHz kit is available for around US$235.
  • High performance RGB sticks with Samsung ICs
  • Large RGB LED bar is bigger than most others
  • Special Edition kits available
  • Loose default timings and only two speed bins for tweaking fun
  • Support for motherboard RGB LED controls from major brands
  • Samsung ICs + RGB lead to high price
  • Blitz software could be improved a bit
  • Timings are a bit loose for those not into memory timing optimization
  • If you want a set, you better buy them now before they sell out!
The Team Group T-Force XCALIBUR RGB sticks represent a fantastic option for those of us into playing with memory and spending days, if not weeks, on squeezing out the best performance possible just because we can. It's a set ready to do so on Intel or AMD platforms, and is also ready for whatever brand of motherboard you want to throw at it for RGB LED control. There are no 3733 or 3866 MHz kits; there are good 3600 MHz ones and then the really good, super-awesome 4000 MHz sets, ones that are rare indeed and cost dearly. These sticks themselves are not cheap, and that's their one true fault, while everything else is superficial. Good DDR4 just costs lots these days, so if you want to get your hands on a good kit, be prepared to pay for it.

The idea that is truly presented here, the idea of a gauntlet thrown down for memory tweakers, and a pitched battle to see who gets the best kit of all, is fantastic to me. The rather loose timings offered at stock are a bit disappointing at first glance, but then, when you start pushing things, that changes just like it does with almost any kit of memory sticks with Samsung ICs and a decent PCB... the sky is the limit, and so much so that many boards on the market today do not truly support the speeds that kits built with these ICs are capable of. If you know a thing or two about memory, then those default timings don't matter and actually prove useful, as they'll help make it easier to scale up the frequency without having to jump into the BIOS to adjust things along the way at first. If you are the sort of person who likes to change every setting to see whether there are any differences those changes provide, this series of sticks is made just for you. But not everyone is capable of holding XCALIBUR, and I think Team Group naming these sticks as such was a bold claim that they understand that.

So, can you handle these sticks? Are you brave enough to accept the challenge? Or will your BIOS knowledge and wallet stand in the way? Or will you take the epic journey that awaits the few up to the task? You better hurry and make a choice because time is running out!
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