Team Group T-Force Xtreem Gaming DDR4-3866 CL18 2x8GB Review 3

Team Group T-Force Xtreem Gaming DDR4-3866 CL18 2x8GB Review

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The packaging for the T-Force Xtreem Gaming is a cardboard box with a nice shot of the sticks on a slotted aluminium heat sink. "T-Force" is in the top left, and "DDR4 Xtreem Gaming" is on the top right with some award logos featured just beneath. In the bottom center is "The power from Team Group", and on the bottom right is the specs sticker.

The back of the box features the same printed background with a paragraph describing the T-Force brand on top and the T-Force Xtreem Gaming name in the middle. The bottom has a list of spec highlights.

The quality of the printing on this box is absolutely excellent. Unfortunately, the background also reminds me of a griddle, and once I saw, I couldn't un-see. Even so, I still give Team Group an A+ for the quality of the T-Force Xtreem Gaming package design.

Inside the box is a pretty standard molded plastic tray. The memory sticks are held firmly and kept quite safe from all but the most careless of handling. Along with the two 8 GB sticks, we get a small warranty sheet and "T-Force" sticker.
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