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teenage engineering computer–1 Review

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The teenage engineering computer-1 ships in a flat package that has the size of a classic picture frame. The cardboard comes in a gentle green color and barely has any writing or branding on it besides the mention of the product name, contents, and the company that designed and engineered it.

Much like the case itself, the package is meant to be forward-looking. In other words, once you open it up, there is no way to put it back together, just like the computer-1; once built, it is not meant to be taken apart anymore. A tear strip is used to opens the package, within which are three differently sized boxes in the same color and, again, minimalist wording for the contents.

Each of these smaller packages comes with a black pull tab on which the individual components rest, so you may pull them all out easily. teenage engineering has thoughtfully branded a select set of packaging elements, like the bags in which the small screws and components ship, or the paper sheets which act as a barrier between the aluminium sheet metal. Overall, this multi-stage unboxing of the parts for the computer-1 feels like it is meant to make you slow down and take notice of the care and thought that has been put into everything so that you may take that same approach when assembling the enclosure.


The computer-1 body is made up of five flat metal sheets you have to carefully bend during the assembly process. Each of these is made out of 1 mm thick aluminium and powder-coated in pure orange RAL 2004. Besides an embossed teenage engineering logo, there is no additional branding on these panels.

Each of the assorted bags with screws and nuts is branded, as are the unique rubber feet and internal case wire. An anti-static bag holds the power switch as well as the audio port. Those and all the other components that make up the computer-1 are designed and engineered by teenage engineering to fit the final product.
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