TerraMaster D5 THUNDERBOLT 3 5-bay DAS Review 32

TerraMaster D5 THUNDERBOLT 3 5-bay DAS Review

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The DAS comes in a medium-sized box without any fancy graphics. There is just the brand logo on all sides.


Internal protection is good.

A smaller box contains all the accessories, which consist of the paperwork, power adapter, a Thunderbolt 3 cable, bolts for mounting the drives to the trays, two spare rubber feet, and a screwdriver. Stickers for marking the drives have also been included, which is a nice move.

This is the unit's power adapter. It is made by Edacpower, has model number EA11702E-120, and can deliver up to 150 W.

The drive bays don't feature any locks, which is a shame. The power button resides on the left, and right above it are the power and HDD LEDs.

The DAS sits on four rubber feet. If you (manage) to lose any of these, two extra feet are included in the bundle.

There aren't many ports here since this is a DAS and not a NAS. So aside from a pair of Thunderbolt ports, there is only a DP port, as well as the power input socket and a Kensington lock.

We removed the trays to take photos of the SATA expansion card.

The trays are made out of plastic and lack locks and sound dampening. Given this product's price, we expected caddies of higher quality.

The external design surely is different from competing offerings, mostly due to the top handle. The main shell of the chassis is out of metal, while the front and rear are out of plastic.
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