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Thermaltake Bigwater 760i Review

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Packaging & Contents

The Bigwater 760i comes in a good-sized box with a carrying handle on top. The box is like most of Thermaltake's products, and has a glossy design with a lot of pictures. The sides have features and specifications listed.

Upon opening the box, the user will find everything neatly organized inside. On top are the tubing, manuals and hardware box. Below that is a layer of foam, and below that is the rest of the unit packed neatly away.

There are two books included with the Bigwater 760i. The first is a multilanguage installation manual with a lot of black and white pictures to help with the installation process. The second book is a maintenance schedule, also in multiple languages, which is for keeping track of the routine maintenance of the kit.

Inside the hardware box is everything needed to mount the block and attach the hoses. One bag contains the mounting mechanism, which is Thermaltake's H-plate system that they have been using since the Original Big Typhoon. Another bag has the metal clamps for the tubing and mounting screws for the bay unit. A third bag contains the two female quick-release couplings, while the final bag contains the rest of the mounting hardware for the block. Also included in the main box was a 500 cc bottle of coolant to be used with the system and a bottle that can squirt the coolant into the reservoir tank.
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