Thermaltake Luxa2 LM300 Touch Pro Review 24

Thermaltake Luxa2 LM300 Touch Pro Review

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The LM300 Touch Pro is packed in a simple full color box that features a picture of the case on both the front and back. Information on the box is minimal with company contact information on one side and a web address on the other.

The case is protected in the box by thick foam spacers and is wrapped in an environmentally safe fabric bag. A thin plastic film covers the LCD touchscreen to prevent scratches and dust buildup during shipping.


A full compliment of accessories is included with the LM300 to get everything up and running. Mounting hardware, a thick multi-language manual and a micro-fiber polishing cloth are included as well as a full featured remote control. The remote is typical of many universal remotes and features specific buttons to navigate around the LM300 Touch Pro's interface. It's laid out very well with all of the buttons clearly marked for their individual functions.
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