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Vortex CORE Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

The packaging is really nice, if I say so myself, and reminiscent of gift boxes. The box is black with a striped pattern, has the word CORE etched on the top, and has a magnetic flap on the side. No seals or flaps, you immediately see the keyboard inside. On the underside of the cover is written out "FIND OUR LATESTPHILOSOPHY AND ENJOY YOUR FEELING." I urge readers to get past the language barrier here, as it hardly affects the product and they have had a history of similar.. headlines before anyway. The keyboard is in a shaped, cut foam piece with two strings on either end as well as cutouts to help remove not just the foam/keyboard piece but also the keyboard out as well. It is one of the better unboxing experiences I have had.

Below this is another cutout, this time made out of cardboard and housing a USB Type A male to microUSB male cable. Retail samples should have a user manual included as well, but that is it as far as accessories go! Let's take a look at the keyboard on the next page.
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