Wemax Nova Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector Review 6

Wemax Nova Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector Review

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The Wemax Nova ships in a brown cardboard box with the Formovie branding and a single sticker letting you know that there is a Wemax Nova inside. Formovie is the manufacturer and produces projectors for a variety of brands, including Fengmi and Xiaomi. As such, you will see products with the same housing but the respective branding and considerably different internals in retail. Inside the brown cardboard box is the more retail-focused box with a carrying handle and more branding around the projector's functions and features.

Unboxing the Wemax Nova is quite the nice experience, with the manuals in the center of the foam insert and the projector sitting neatly inside the package. Both the power and remote have their own cutouts as well.


You will receive a 3-prong power cable and paper work including the manual with the Nova.

The remote is rather long and very comfortable because of rounded edges. With the battery compartment on the bottom, its center of gravity is so low you won't ever have to worry about it tipping over when reaching for the buttons. Most of them are arranged in a traditional fashion, with the power and Google Assistant ones in the very top. The only button I had to get used to was the centered back button below the navigation wheel. I personally would find it more natural if it were switched with the home button on the left.
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