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XGIMI Halo+ Projector Review

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The XGIMI Halo+ ships in the same box with the same design as the original. The only differences are the product name and picture on otherwise understated packaging.


The included power supply is capable of 100-240 V, so it may be used globally. It outputs 90 W at 4.74 A and feels quite sturdy. The detachable cable has a 3-prong connector including a ground pin.

The included remote is the same as for XGIMI's more compact projectors, which includes the Mogo, Halo, and Elfin units. It uses Bluetooth and has a bit of a triangular shape, which makes it very comfortable to hold. In the front is a good set of buttons to easily navigate the Android TV interface. In the center is the colorful Google Assistant button. The remote takes two AAA batteries and even has a built-in toggle to use the angled up/down buttons for either volume or focus.

A thick multi-language manual and some additional pamphlets round out the contents of the XGIMI Halo+.
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