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Xtrfy MZ1 Review - Zy's Rail



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Established in 2011, Xtrfy is a peripherals company based in Sweden. What sets the MZ1 apart from other mice is the shape. Designed from the ground up by long-time YouTube mouse reviewer Zy "Rocket Jump Ninja" Rykoa, the MZ1 has a rather unusual shape. While it may look like an ambidextrous design at first glance, it is right-handed ergonomic, having the left side curve inwards more than the right one. The low-sitting front results in low button height, whereas the hump is positioned more towards the back to provide palm support. Its small size makes it most suited for fingertip grip, which is Zy's grip style of choice. At 59 g, the MZ1 is exceptionally light, and comes with a new and improved cable. Kailh GM 8.0 switches are used for the main buttons, and PixArt's PMW3389 capable of 16,000 CPI is the sensor. Much like the M4 and M42, the MZ1 doesn't come with software, but rather allows for extensive on-device configuration, including of the rich RGB lighting.


Xtrfy MZ1
Size:111 mm x 52.5 mm x 36.5 mm
Size (inches):4.37" x 2.07" x 1.44"
Weight:59 g
Number of Buttons:6 (including wheel click)
Main Switches:Kailh GM 8.0
Wheel Encoder:Mechanical
Sensor:PixArt PMW3389
Resolution:400/800/1200/1600/3200/4000/7200/16,000 CPI
Polling Rate:125/500/1000 Hz
Cable:1.80 m, braided
Warranty:2/1/1 years (EU/US/APAC)

Packaging, Weight, Cable, and Feet

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