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Zalman MS800 Plus Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Zalman MS800 Plus clocks in at below 80 euros including taxes or 110 US dollars excluding taxes. The MS800 non-Plus goes for a mere 60 euros incl. taxes, but 100 US dollars excl. taxes.
  • Great price in Europe
  • Four fans included
  • Three hard-drive bays are hot-swappable
  • Six fans, single-channel controller
  • Well-rounded I/O
  • Rubber mat on top of the chassis
  • Support beam for GPU or to install internal cooling fan
  • 5.25" to 3.5" drive-bay parts included
  • Cooling fan on hard-drive cage
  • Extension lead for CPU power connector
  • Loads of space for long GPUs, PSU, and CPU cooler
  • Plenty of screws and zip ties included
  • Nice level of detail
  • Great-looking underside
  • Dust filter for PSU and the front of the chassis
  • Good cable routing
  • A bit more expensive in the US—especially the non-Plus version
  • No grommets on motherboard openings
  • Expansion-slot screws at the exterior of the rear
  • Only three 3.5" hard-drive bays
When it comes to Zalman, many may remember their incredible aluminum cases geared toward the high-end gamer or HTPC user. Times change and so does the case market. The MS800 utilizes traditional materials, like steel and plastic, but still manages to impress. There is a price difference in the US when compared to Europe, especially for the more basic non-Plus version, which can be attributed to the crowded and hard fought over European market when compared to that of the US of A. That said, you get a whole bunch of bang for your buck with the Zalman MS800 Plus. A lot more than some may expect, as other cases of the 80 euros price range are not nearly as well-equipped as this puppy. The price puts it into a similar price bracket as the BitFenix Shinobi, for example, but costing just around 7 to 8 euros more at retail, the MS800 Plus comes with more fans pre-installed, offers a fan controller, real hot-swapping capability, a support beam, and a great level of detail in its design.

Honestly, at this price point, the MS800 Plus kicks some serious backside. Odds are you do not have a Zalman MS800 Plus on your radar for your next case, but you would be wrong not to put it on your short list. Now, if Zalman can reduce the price for the Plus variant in the US to just a tad below 100 US dollars, it should also be a no-brainer there. The Zalman MS800 Plus does not only deserve the Editors Choice award, but also gets the Budget award, as it is a great buy.
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