Zalman ZM-K900M Keyboard Review 3

Zalman ZM-K900M Keyboard Review

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The packaging for the ZM-K900M is very bright, with a great use of colors, and even though there are a lot of colors, it isn't too garish, complementing the colors of the keyboard's image nicely. Also on the front of the box is a taste of what features to expect; macros, 1000hz polling rate, NKey rollover, and RGB lighting are just some of the features mentioned.

Flipping the box over, we are hit with a wall of text; this is the business side. It goes into a little more detail on the features and gives us a full specifications list.

Inside the box, we have the keyboard, a manual, which you will need, and a USB to PS/2 adapter. It has been a while since I have seen a USB to PS/2 adapter, and it surprised me a bit. These are usually included to allow you to use the keyboard in the bios and to free up a USB slot.
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