Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000W Power Supply Review 9

Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000W Power Supply Review

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The back of the PSU does not have a power switch which is a major limitation to me. Very often you want to completely turn off your PC to conserve power. Also this can be handy in case of a catastrophic failure when your watercooling is leaking for example.

On the other side we can see that Zalman uses a combination of fixed and modular cables. The important connectors like ATX power and +12V for the CPU as well as two VGA power connectors and a HDD cable are fixed. This makes sense to me because those cables will almost certainly be used, giving you an optimum power delivery. Should you need more than those you can attach them to the PSU. This solution ensures that your case inside can stay very clean. The switch you can see here is to enable a "standy noise supressor". I can't see any reason why you would not want this on at all times.

Zalman's ZM 1000-HP power supply is longer than the ATX standard size, the exact length is 21 cm.

A big, slow running 140 mm fan will make sure your PSU stays cool at all times.

The motherboard connector supports both 20 and 24 pin operation. Unfortunately it is not possible to clip both parts together for easy installation in limited spaces.

This PSU comes with support for both 4-pin and 8-pin power connectors. If your board supports only four pin CPU power, leave the other one unconnected. This connector can not be clipped together either.

The two of the PCI-Express power connectors can either be used a 6 pin or 8 pin variant.
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