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Zaward Vapor 120 Review

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Package and Contents

Zaward Vapor comes in a well-designed hard paperboard box. The front-face, apart from the usual company and model logos, features a large window that lets you see the "Golf fan" with its dimpled blades. The front also lets you know upfront about the CPU socket types supported. There is another trapezoid window on the top, which lets you see the aluminum fin surface which again is dimpled, but with pores to produce the "breathing effect" that Zaward is talking about. The back of the box tables out technical specifications in adequate detail.

The right side of the box shows you all the important features with pictures and diagrams. It also lets you see right away what the fan illumination is going to look like. On the left side, are diagrams that explain the "breathing effect" of the heatsink. There are also temperature and noise level graphs of the Vapor 120 compared to an Intel stock heatsink, based on Zaward's internal tests.

Upon opening the box, there are two trays locked into each other, one holding the heatsink, the other holding the fan. In the trays' cavities, the instruction manual and an accessories packet can be found.

The accessories packet contains:
  • Sachets containing all the screws, nuts and bolts you’ll need
  • Retention plates for Intel and AMD sockets
  • Metal clips to latch the fan onto the heatsink
  • A syringe containing thermal paste
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