Zotac Nitro VGA Overclocking Controller Review 1

Zotac Nitro VGA Overclocking Controller Review

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A Closer Look

Zotac has chosen to go with an orange design that reflect the company's corporate colors. All components are of high build quality, it feels very solid when held in your hands. Even though the pictures might suggest that the orange shell is some soft rubber-like plastic, it is hard in reality.

A VFD display is used inside the Nitro which offers a much better contrast ratio than LCD based displays. On the other hand LCDs are more flexible because they offer a dot matrix, just like your screen. A VFD display has preconfigured segments which can be turned on and off.

A small connector on the side is used to connect the Nitro to your computer. The cable is a standard USB cable which is also used with digital cameras for example. This lets you replace the cable easily in case you break it.

When taken apart, the most prominent features you can see are the VFD screen and the buttons on the front. On the back you find a VFD controller IC which also handles all USB communication.
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