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The Veolo chassis is made of plastic with a shiny, black piano finish to go well with the rest of modern home theater systems out there. On the underside you will find a long list of certifications and logos. The Veolo is Dolby Digital and dts certified and also sports the FCC and CE logos. Interestingly enough the FCC ID has been replaced by a different one, as the original has been taped over.

Due to the fact, that the Veolo is a media streamer, without the possibility to install a hard drive within the unit, the device is quite compact. Overall, the Veolo is barely larger than a standard 12 cm CD/DVD. On top of that the player is completely passively cooled.

You will not find any connectivity in the front of the device. Only a large Veolo logo and an embedded, multicolor LED which can only be seen when the unit is turned on or plugged in. All the major connectors have been placed in the rear: there you will find the power, a pair of stereo audio, HDMI, Gigabit network, USB and optical plugs. One side also holds an SD/SDHC card reader and an additional USB plug, while the other one is completely solid.

The remote control warrants a closer look as well, as it does not only double as a remote, but also as a keyboard. As a pointing device it acts much like a Wii remote, giving the user the ability to move a mouse cursor around on the screen, clicking on menu items and navigate through the interface. On the other side, you will find a complete key layout, which looks quite similar to that of the Xbox 360 messenger pad add-on - just cooler.
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