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AC Ryan Veolo Review

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A Closer Look - Inside

There is no reason to take the Veolo apart, as there are no truly removable or adjustable parts within. For this review, we have taken it apart to see what makes it tick and to determine how well it is engineered. A small aluminum heatsink keeps the main processing unit cool.

A Realtek RTL8211E Gigabit IC is used for the wired network, while the wireless N variant is taken care of by the Proware PW-MN427 USB wireless unit. It is capable of 150 Mbps as the label states. While this is quite good, I wonder why AC Ryan did not go all the way and offer 300 Mbps instead.

A GL827L chip from Genesys Logic is used for the USB 2.0 and SD/MMC card reader, while a GL850G variant takes care of additional USB connectivity for the device.

Interestingly enough the heatsink cannot be removed at all, as AC Ryan has soldered the pins holding the heatsink in place. There are various chips around the main processing unit. These are memory and flash storage variants.
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