AMD HD 5800 Series Leak Collection Review 80

AMD HD 5800 Series Leak Collection Review

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These are exciting times for computer enthusiasts and hobbyists. Despite the ailing world economy, cut-throat competition between computer hardware industry heavyweights couldn't have come at a better time, ensuring highly competitive prices, and the competition itself accelerating development of technology at a never before seen pace. AMD, which was until 18 months ago the weakest heavyweight compared to Intel and NVIDIA in terms of product lineup, replenished its competitiveness with a much better offering of processors (CPUs), and most interestingly, a full-fledged lineup of graphics processors that can compete with rival NVIDIA in any given market segment.

September 23 marks an important date for AMD, as that is when the company rolls out its brand new set of DirectX 11 compliant graphics processors, making opting for ATI Radeon graphics truly Windows 7 Ready. Not only is DirectX 11 compliance and its future-proofing an incentive, but also the sheer graphics processing horsepower that runs existing games blazing fast at any resolution. The company also took high-resolution gaming to a whole new level with the introduction of the AMD Eyefinity technology that lets users span one display-head over several physical displays, to achieve effective resolutions higher that the highest-resolution consumer displays.

In the run-up for September 23, enthusiasts eagerly looking forward to as much information as possible, spend time lurking in several community forums, websites, and even using translators to try and make sense of information in different languages. We thought we'll condense the web of relevant news and weave this collage, so you know where to go. This article is not a review of the products, which will be out only on the 23rd.

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