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Antec Edge Series 650 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Antec Edge 650 W retails for $124.99.
  • Delivered full power at 46°C
  • Good enough overall voltage regulation
  • Low ripple
  • Gold efficiency levels
  • Lots of available connectors (though there is only a single EPS connector)
  • FDB fan (with LEDs)
  • Japanese electrolytic caps and polymer caps of good quality
  • Five year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Not a terribly quiet operation overall
  • Noticed a sudden increase on the 5V rail's ripple with about 8.5 A and more load
  • No semi-passive operation (While not a problem to me, some of you may want or need it)
  • Would like it to have an additional EPS connector
The fresh Antec EDG650 is a good PSU; however, it doesn't feature as quiet an operation as Antec states. The unit is silent enough at light-mid loads and under normal conditions, but its FDB fan ramps up quickly as soon as the load or ambient temperature increases. And you can find quieter PSUs with the same performance for the same price. Its noise levels also aren't its most notable drawbacks to me since its price is definitely a huge letdown. The EDGE650 simple won't do well at such a price, especially since the XFX XTR-650 based on the same platform and with a semi-passive-operation option costs less. Antec should immediately lower the price to around 100 bucks if they want the EDG650 to claim a part of this market segment. Based on a good and very reliable platform, the EDGE650 does perform pretty well, though. You will also find its LED fan a nice addition if you like such gimmicks. Here I should note that although this unit's fan has the same model number as the one in the XTR-650, the latter is noisier since it can achieve higher speeds, which such a highly efficient Gold-certified unit won't need. So Antec did right by picking the slower fan since doing so dropped this unit's overall noise output by almost 2.5 dBA in comparison to the XTR-650, and that figure includes the optional semi-passive operation of the latter.

The new Antec EDGE series looks to be a nice series overall since Antec chose to work with one of the best PSU OEMs around; however, Seasonic is an expensive manufacturer and Antec should find a way to lower the price in order to make their EDGE series more competitive. Given their current prices, Antec's EDGE units don't stand a chance against the rather fierce competition.
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