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Antec Eleven Hundred Review

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The chassis comes packaged in a full color cardboard box with a large Antec logo and a partial image of the chassis on the front of the box. Turning it over you will find an array of smaller images, showing you the features of the Eleven Hundred. Antec has placed the specifications on the top of the box, while both smaller side panels hold even more images of the chassis.

The unit is protected by two foam spacers along with a cardboard sheet in the front of the chassis. A plastic bag has been placed over the case to keep scratches or finger prints away.


You will receive an adequate set of parts to get everything up and running. Two bags of screws, a few zip ties and the required hard drive rails to fill all six bays within the Eleven Hundred. A simple piece of paper is also part of the extras, but cannot really be considered a manual.
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