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Antec/Veris Fusion Review

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Packaging & Contents

The packaging of the Antec Fusion is full colored and features a big picture of the case itself on the front. The back lists all the features in multiple languages and, while an easy read, is nothing you would be able to decipher from more than a meter away. Once opened up, a very well packaged and secured case can be seen. Antec has placed the bag of accessories to the case right on top instead of inside the case itself.

The case is shipped inside a clear plastic bag and secured with foam molds. Foam may be more expensive when compared to Styrofoam, but has the advantage of surviving a drop without breaking or denting permanently. Inside the plastic bag are two covers for fans, a bag with screws and standoffs, a manual and a CD with the display software. The booklet contains detailed installation instructions in multiple languages - something sorely missed from many other case manufacturers.
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