Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4 GB DDR3 83

Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4 GB DDR3 Review

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A Closer Look

The Avexir Core Series DIMMs' very slick heatsink design greatly understates what is underneath the metal. Covered in a shiny black coating with a streak of gray across the middle, the Avexir Core Series DIMMs are purposefully designed to match nearly any system. Both sides are identical, barring the label on one side denoting what version of the Core Series these are.

Looking at one stick straight-on makes the highly reflective surface of the DIMM's heatsink very obvious. The top of the heatsink has the Avexir name stamped right through it. There is nothing else on the surface other than that sticker and a logo specifying "DDR3" as the memory type.

Looking at the edge of the DIMMs did not reveal much worth noting, other than their high-quality 8-layer PCB and the Avexir name silk-screened onto one edge.

The label denotes speed, CAS latency, and DIMM voltage, but the remaining information is rather mysterious, although density and it belonging to a kit of two immediately becomes apparent. There are many enthusiasts that pour over little details like this in their search for hidden gems among normal sticks. You can see that the heatsink is made out of two stamped pieces of metal that meet at the top. The slits on top would normally be for airflow, but Avexir's Core Series DIMMs are not everyday material.
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