BitFenix Colossus 17

BitFenix Colossus

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The Colossus ships in a black package with a large grey image of the company logo in front. BitFenix has moved all the information and illustration of the chassis to the rear side of the box with an additional angled shot on the side of the box. An interesting aspect is the fact, that the white version of the case has an appropriate box with images of the white case, thus the potential buyer will automatically know which color can be found within.

The Colossus is secured with two foam spacers and a fairly heavy-duty plastic bag. This setup is necessary to keep the massive 16 kg chassis in place and protect it from damage.


You get an extensive list of extras with the chassis. And it seems like BitFenix has put a lot of thought into providing you with more than just a pack of screws. First off, there is the 3.5 to 5.25 inch tray along with a corresponding front, enabling you to install such small external devices into the chassis.

Two sets of the Bitfenix Lockdown, which allows you to secure even heavy graphic cards during transport. While this is a great little feature, considering the massive dimensions and heavy weight of the Colossus, it cannot be considered LAN party friendly. Thus, such a system is only of interest if you are moving the entire system from point A to B. You also get a cable to connect the two USB 3.0 connectors to your USB 2.0 mainboard header. While this means that those connectors will no longer be offering the USB 3.0 benefits, it is perfect for those who do not yet have a modern board with the new connectors.

On top of those unique items, you will also receive a bag of all black screws and around 10 zip ties along with additional small parts to clean up any cable mess within the system.
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