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BitFenix packages the Ghost chassis in a fairly plain cardboard box. As with most of their offerings, there is a large BitFenix logo on the front and a bit more detail about its key features on the back. Both sides of the cardboard package have carrying holes, while one side has the specs and the other another image of the chassis.

Two fairly compact Styrofoam spacers hold the case in place firmly, and a plastic bag protects it from scratches and fingerprints, so that you get the case in immaculate condition.


You also receive a lot of extras besides the fairly detailed manual. This is simply due to the fact that BitFenix leaves some of the final assembly to the end-user instead of completing everything at the factory. The rubber grommets for the interior and the hard drive trays ship in bags instead of being applied to the chassis. While this is unusual, I do not think of it as deal breaker, especially if this makes the case a tad cheaper in the end. You will also receive black screws, little feet for the PSU, and a cover for the top hot-swap bay-connector.
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