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CaseLabs Merlin SM8 Review

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I would like to thank CaseLabs for supplying the review samples.

Several companies out there offer cube cases that are all to some degree customizable. CaseLabs is such a new brand. Combining utmost quality with a new level of modular design not seen in other cube cases, the people behind CaseLabs actually decided to join the consumer market in 2010 by using their expertise to produce these cases after having produced enclosures for electronic-, military-, medical-, and industrial applications since 1971.

The company has steadily been adding to their range of cases since 2010, and the Merlin family includes full tower cases with the ability to hold not only the latest and greatest in hardware, but also an incredible amount of water-cooling gear. We now have the pleasure to take a look at the Merlin SM8. Much more compact than the Magnum M8, it is still as customizable as all the other case options from CaseLabs. The chassis is available in black matte, white matte, and gray primer. The latter is not meant to be a cosmetic finish but a base for your own paint job.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Reversible
  • Slide-out MB tray/tech station conversion kit
  • Anti-Vandal LED power and reset switches
  • PCI back plate: hex mesh or fan holes
  • Top cover: solid or ventilated
  • Motherboard door: solid, ventilated, std. window: 10.75" x 10.75" (273mm x 273mm); clear or gray.
  • Cable side door: solid or ventilated
  • Chassis top: 120.4 integrated, 140.3 integrated, or drop-in style (drop-in mounts are not included)
  • Chassis bottom: 120.4 or 140.3 integrated mount
  • Two (single) HDD mounts and anti-vibration hardware
  • One dual-SSD mount
  • Four sets of standard 5.25" device mounts (MAC-125) [no substitutions]
  • Flex-Bay covers: three triple and two single (solid)
  • PSU support bracket and cover plate
  • PCI covers
  • Misc: thumbscrews, MB standoffs, tie wraps, plugs, grommets, extra parts, owner’s manual
  • Ships fully assembled (flat-pack shipments available for international orders)
  • Choice of color: black matte, white matte and gray primer (gray primer is not meant to be a cosmetic finish)


Specifications: CaseLabs Merlin SM8
CASE TYPE:ATX Full Tower Chassis
WEIGHT:20.5 lbs. (9.3kg)
DRIVE BAYS:11x External 5.25"
2x Internal 3.5"
2x Internal 2.5"
mATX, ATX, SSI-CEB to 12.38" x 10.75" (315mm x 273mm)
DIMENSIONS:22.44"H x 11.18"W x 22.38"D (570mm x 284mm x 568mm)
REAR FANS:1x 120 mm (optional)
TOP FANS:4x 120 mm fans (optional)
BOTTOM FANS:4x 120 mm fans (optional)
Due to the modular nature of the chassis, the above are the specifications without any additional parts or customizations.

Optional accessories for the Merlin SM8:
  • MAC-293 vertical/horizontal accessory mount: $12.95
  • MAC-290 pedestal assembly (with 3 Flex-Bays in front): $159.95
  • MAC-291 120.4 (480) radiator side mount: $19.95 (Pedestal Only)
  • MAC-292 140.3 (420) radiator side mount: $19.95 (Pedestal Only)
  • MAC-288 120.4 (480) radiator top mount (requires drop-in option): $19.95
  • MAC-289 140.3 (420) radiator top mount (requires drop-in option): $19.95
  • HDD expansion mount for the pedestal (12 drives): $39.95
  • 140.2 (280) radiator Flex-Mount: $39.95 (not yet available)
  • 140.3 (420) radiator Flex-Mount: $49.95 (not yet available)
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