CeBIT 2007: Xigmatek Review 0

CeBIT 2007: Xigmatek Review

Xigmatek is relatively new when it comes to the retail market, though they have been in the OEM business for some time now. techPowerUp! recently reviewed two of their coolers, and we were very impressed by them. At CeBIT, Xigmatek was proud to show off some of their existing coolers as well as some new ones. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Xigmatek had a nice little booth set up with all their existing and new products out. Everything was well organized, and lots of information was available.

One cooler they were particularly proud of is their new all-in-one VGA cooler. It’s called the AIO PI-UN7, which is a self-contained pipe-less design. Taking a quick glance at the cooler, you could say it was just another air cooler, but once you take the cover off, its real design is shown. The cooler uses Aluminum radiators and a Nickel coated Copper base, and is run on a 71 L/hr pump with a 70 mm fan. Xigmatek also plans on releasing a 92 mm fan variant of the PI-UN7 as well.

Xigmatek also presented two new air coolers. The first one is the XP-D92HAC, which is aimed at the mid-range markets. It uses a 92 mm fan rated at 24 dBA, and is based on four 6 mm heat pipes.

The second air cooler is a pretty much your standard cooler design, however it uses four giant 8 mm heat pipes. Another nice feature of this cooler is the designs of the cooling fins in the heat sink; they are designed to channel the airflow of the cooler downward and also through other parts of the sink. The XPS92HAC is aimed at the high-end cooler market - It will be very interesting to see how this cooler will perform with the 8 mm heat pipes.

Xigmatek had another cooler that was in the design phase still, and unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture of it. It’s going to be based off their existing 055 cooler with some very interesting changes. We look forward to hopefully reviewing this cooler.

The first fans offered by Xigmatek were originally made by X-Fan, but now, Xigmatek has started to make its own. Their coolers come equipped with them, and they are also making standard case fans. Note the design of the case fan; not only do they push air out towards the back, but also they can circulate the air via the cut outs on the side of the fans.

It’s always nice to see the site recognized by others. Thanks to Xigmatek for enlightening us on their current and future coolers.