CeBIT 2008: Foxconn 12

CeBIT 2008: Foxconn Review

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We managed to get a peak at a few very interesting Foxconn products yesterday, a day before the actual opening. The one thing that caught our eye, was the up and running GeForce 9800 GX2! As you can see from the images above, it is reference design as well. Part of this design are PCIe power plugs, which light up green when used. Another interesting application of LEDs can be found on the backplate. There seems to be a blue LED and a number of green LEDs on the PCB itself, which can be seen through the air vents.

The GeForce 9600GT is also present, as are the 8800 GT and GTS. We counted four different versions of the GT, one of which features a different GPU cooler. All four run at various speeds, including reference settings and several different factory OC variants.

Foxconn also has a full line-up of AM2 and Socket 775 boards. There are two mATX G43 and G45 based units, which look quite similar.

The new mainstream Intel chipset, the P45 is also present on a full ATX board. Foxconn also offers two high-end boards using the X48 or nForce 790i chipset for the Socket 775. Both can be water cooled, but the X48 can also be cooled by LN2 with the right parts.

The DigtalLife series uses a red PCB and is available for Intel based systems and also utilizes the P45 chipset. The AM2+ variant actually makes use of the AMD 780G chipset instead.

You will also find a up and running quad GPU system. It features four Radeon HD 3870. The cases are incredibly large and use the Foxconns own ATX board, which is a bit longer than normal normal full ATX specifications, but allows for a dual slot card to be used on the bottom PCIe x16 port.

Microcool is also present at the Foxconn booth with a very nice rack for enthusiasts, who try out the latest and greatest all the time. It uses Acrylic parts and only incorporates high end parts, starting from very high quality, UK made power and reset buttons, to large rubber feet, which use full steel spacers. The unit on display is a prototype, but the final variant should be available within a month or 6 weeks.
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