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CeBIT 2008: We are on site! Review

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Ladies & Gent's, it is the time of the year again - CeBIT 2008 is about to kick off!

W1zzard and I are on site once more to bring you the latest & greatest presented at CeBIT. It has been moved up a week from the traditional event and the overall length was reduced by a day. This years motto is "Where zeros and ones turn into billions".

CeBIT stands for Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik, or translated to english - Centre of Office and Information technology. It is located in Hannover, Germany at the Deutsche Messe AG fair grounds, which is a massive group of buildings composing of 35 halls for exhibitions. Being held in March, and running since 1986, CeBIT is the largest computer/IT show in the world. We had a chance to walk the show floor today and as you can see the booths are just being built and the newest hardware placed in the right light.

The show is also used as a venue for the World Cyber Games, with an entire hall dedicated to the professional gamers, fighting it out over various games.

We will not only bring you news from the manufacturers, but also try to snap pictures of the beautiful girls running around the show. Stay tuned and hold on tight!
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