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Cebit 2006: Day 1 Review

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Kingmax is the worldwide only manufacturer who can make colored memory packaging. Well, others could probably too, but Kingmax owns a patent on it. Together with a gold colored PCB this DDR-400 memory module looks very impressive. It comes without heatspreaders, and like most other memory doesn't need them. Nowadays heatspreaders are usually used to improve the looks of the memory.

For their DDR2 series a 1066 MHz memory was on display that uses Kingmax' counterfeit technology. The small red chip in the middle is "Kingmax's unique anti-counterfeit red ASIC decoder chip (which uses Kingmax's exclusive patented TinyBGA colour packaging technology) to prevent counterfeiting". While product piracy is not such a big issue in the west it is very common in India and other Asian countries.

This is one of the most impressive things I have seen at Cebit this year. That tiny white piece of plastic is a USB 2.0 stick and comes in sizes up to 2 GB. With dimensions of 34mm x 12.4mm x 2.2mm this is probably the smallest USB Drive in the world. Transfer speeds are around 20 MB/s read and about 12 MB/s write.
This was not a mockup or non-working sample. Every girl at the Kingmax booth had one of these sticks hanging from her wrist with a little chain. For me this USB stick would probably be too small, I would certainly lose it in no time.
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