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Chieftec Dragon CH-07B-R Review

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Chieftec packs the Dragon case into a full color, heavy duty cardboard box. The larger sides of the package look quite similar and have computer rendered images of the black and red variants of the case. One side also has a few close-ups on some of the features you will find within the chassis itself. One thing of interest here is the fact, that the red version pictured has a completely different color than the actual case itself. Many may be disappointed after wanting what you see on the box, but getting something completely different. I do not understand why Chieftec has not taken actual images of the case instead of computer renders.

Both sides of the package hold the usual information. One lists the specifications of the Dragon, while the other mentions which color you will be grabbing. The case itself is not a lightweight one, so the lack of holes to carry the entire contraption around may cause some frustration right after the joy of the acquisition.

Chieftec is using fairly compact foam spacers in combination with a heavy-duty plastic bag to protect the case during shipping. This should be sufficient for most and our sample made it here safe and sound.


You get a compact but quite detailed manual with the Dragon chassis, but there is another nice surprise in form of a black box to hold your screws in. A single bag with all necessary screws along with a few zip ties rounds up the extra contents within the Chieftec Dragon.
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