Computex 2007: Akasa 0

Computex 2007: Akasa Review

Akasa has a small booth at Computex this year, showing off a few new products, as well as some we covered at CeBIT this year. We will focus on the new additions, but click here to take a look at our Akasa coverage of CeBIT. The most interesting products is the new line-up of VGA coolers. There are four variants on display, with the first simply being called "VGA Cooler". It has a very familiar design and should be more than enough to cool the low end segment as well as most mainstream cards. The other three coolers are part of the new Vortexx series. Simply numbered Vortexx 1 to Vortexx 3. Not much information is available on these just yet, but as you can see the Vortexx 1 is mounted on a 6600GT or 7600GT, while the Vortexx 2 is placed on a X1950 card and the Vortexx 3 is used on a 7900GS. All of these have a very familiar design used by HIS and Inno3D, but also utilize heatsinks for more efficient cooling.

Akasa is also showing off two new CPU coolers. These look identical, but utilize different mounting mechanisms for either AMD or Intel based boards. Both are so called "tower" coolers with four heatpipes and a copper base. The fan blows across the thin fins for active cooling.

Akasa's power supply line-up also gets a healthy boost, with 135 mm fans. The middle picture shows a 1000W PowerMax PSU with standard dimensions, but you will also be able to buy the series with cable management, like the PowerMax 850W pictured to the right.

We showed you a few notebook coolers from Akasa during our CeBIT coverage. The budget variant is now available in silver as well, the metal actively cooled version, can be had with a gold paint job - if you wish.