Computex 2007: Patriot 0

Computex 2007: Patriot

Patriot has a small booth at Computex as well. The bulk of their products are crammed into a single display case. This makes taking pictures a bit difficult, but with a bit of patience we are able to bring you all their highlights, starting with their USB flash drives. Ther first is the Patriot XT Xplorer series, which is their highest speed offering and is available with capacities of up to 16GB. There are two different miniature USB flash devices on display as well. The first is a tiny memory stick embedded in rubber casing which is available in three different colors. These are available with 1GB of storage space. The other, similar device is the Xplorer Mini which maxes out at 1GB as well. Patriot also offers high capacity USB drives with focus on capacity instead of pure speed. This one carries the Explore name as well and as you can see is available to 16 GB as well.

Patriot also offers a full line-up of SD card products. The three interesting parts at their booth is a 3in1 device which starts out as a microSD card, which can be placed inside a miniSD adapter. This can in turn be placed into the included SDcard adapter, so it does not matter which one of the three formats you have access to. The second is a SDHC card with a whopping 16 GB of storage, this is one of the largest capacity of this format shown at Computex. Right next to this device there is a miniSDHC card which can hold up 4GB of data.

Two server memory modules are being shown off as well. The first is a 1GB DIMM with parity and a speed of 667 MHz. The second is a FBDIMM Kit of 4GB running at 667 MHz as well. Do not mind the green sign in front of the memory. Patriot got two memory modules mixed up inside the display case.

DDR3 is also making a showing at their booth. There is a running system with DDR3 at 1066 MHz. The same memory is also present in retail packaging, which means that it is already shipping or close to making it to retail. Patriot also offers overclocked moduls of DDR3. These feature a large headspreader and the top model runs at 1500 MHz with a very respectable 7-7-7-20 setting.

There are various DDR2 with the black Patriot headspreader in the crowded display case as well. They all look the same, thus there is no reason to show you more than one picture. The one above 2GB kit is their fastest offering with 1262.5 MHz at CL5-5-5-18 with the use of 2.3V. The misplaced SODIMM sign above actually belongs to the notebook memory pictured above. It is a 2GB device with 667 MHz.