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A Closer Look - Inside

To gain access to the interior, simply remove the pair of thumbscrews holding each panel in place. There are various elements within the case which remain black, adding a nice contrast to the gunmetal grey. A large opening and various smaller ones can be found in the motherboard tray, allowing you to easily change the CPU cooler, and route the cables nicely within the Scout 2. With 20 mm of space within the case and an additional 6-7 mm from the extruded side panel, keeping things tidy and hidden should not be an issue.

There are two sets of cages within the chassis, but the top one has a removable side to free up space for long graphic cards. It may also hold a single 120 mm fan if you do keep it in place. In the very top are the three 5.25" bays, each with the flipping lock mechanism. We have seen this before and while it works, it does not end up holding the drives all that well.

The PSU bay in the bottom features four little foam dots used to place the power supply on. Above that are the eight expansion slots, each cover held in place by a thumbscrew. In the very top, the only 120 mm fan can be found. It has the signature, holographic Cooler Master sticker on it. The embedded LEDs are not powered through the 3-pin connector, but with a separate 2-pin cable. This one is attached to the LED toggle switch in the top of the chassis.

Taking a quick look at the ceiling of the chassis, the space for the two 120 mm fans is revealed. Even though the configuration should allow for a 240 mm radiator to be installed, it remains unclear if there is enough space around these. On top of that, Cooler Master does not advertise any such compatibility.

All the cables within the Scout 2 are black, which further adds to the overall design of the chassis. You will get your usual case and I/O connectors, along with two special plugs for the fan LEDs. Cooler Master should really have included two identical fans within the chassis.
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