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In terms of design, the Maxi variant looks just like its smaller brethren. This is also due to the simplicity of the design that is easily enlarged or shrunk. The anodization quality is quite good, and all the parts fit together flawlessly.

You will not find any external drive bays within the case, which some may sorely miss. The chassis is meant to be used as a small but potent digital-media server or, if you feel so inclined, gaming machine. The rear has the large opening for a standard-sized ATX power supply along with four expansion bays, making the Coolcube Maxi suitable for mATX motherboards. An air vent on the main side of the chassis gives fresh air a way to enter, while the other side is completely solid. You will, however, find two USB 3.0 and the usual pair of audio connectivity here. I would have liked to see a card reader as well, but that can be forgiven considering the affordable price tag.

Unlike our previous, smaller Coolcube sample, the logo on the Maxi version is perfectly aligned, right below the round power button. You will not find a reset button anywhere and are forced to use the 4-second push mechanism on the main switch to turn your system off, or will have to resort to pulling the power plug.

Taking a closer look at the rear, the four expansion slots are protected by individual covers that are each held in place by a thumbscrew. You may also install a total of three 80 mm fans in the rear if you wish. Due to the PSU's placement, the CPU cooler's height is limited to 120 mm, which is plenty for a good low-profile unit. You should have enough choices to find the one that fits your needs.

While the smaller Coolcube allowed for multiple drives to be installed on the floor of the case, the Maxi has mounting holes for either a single 2.5" or 3.5" drive there.
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