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Cooltek packs the U3 into a compact cardboard package with black print on it. You will find an image of the chassis on the front, and the rear goes into more detail about its layout. While both smaller sides hold identical information consisting of promotional texts, you will also find a sticker on one of these sides to let you know what color is within.

The Cooltek U3 is held together by two compact foam spacers, which is quite sufficient for a chassis of this size and weight. A plastic bag further protects the unit from fingerprints and scratches.


Even though the chassis is quite compact, there are a surprising amount of small parts. Not only will you receive a few cable ties, but Cooltek also includes special HDD screws and eight rubber rings for them. There are also metal and plastic spacers for the motherboard and a simple speaker unit. A basic manual of high quality rounds out the contents within the Cooltek U3.
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