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Corsair AX1200i 1200 W Review

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The packaging is rather long and with quite large footprint. At the front, we find a close photo of the unit's re-designed fan grill in a dark background. In the front, bottom-left corner, Corsair lists the most crucial features of the unit besides, of course, the Platinum efficiency. These features are, namely, the digitally controlled power, the fully modular design and the quiet and efficient operation. Finally, at the sides of the box and on its top, only the model's description is given.

At the rear side someone can find interesting info about the unit, like the efficiency and the fan's noise output graphs, references to the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that the unit utilizes to boost its performance, to the Corsair Link software and, the power specifications table.


The package contents are meticulously protected by packing foam and the PSU is also wrapped in a luxury velvet bag.

Along with the user's manual you will find a piece of paper asking you to visit Corsair's page to download the latest version of the Corsair Link software.

The bundle includes a nylon pouch to store the unused modular cables, a thick AC power cord, several zip ties, a set of fixing bolts, a Corsair's badge and a silver bag containing the Corsair Link USB dongle.


The PSU features a nice and stylish appearance thanks to the fully modular design mostly due to the re-designed top-side with parallel curves that follow the fan grill lines. On the front, the classic honeycomb style exhaust grill is used and next to the AC receptacle we find a heavy duty on/off switch. On the sides the decals are small and illustrate the model's description, while above and below them there are four parallel curves. On the rear side, the fully modular panel resides with the numerous sockets. There are, as you will notice, identification numbers on all 8 pin and 6 pin sockets in order to monitor their current throughput and to set their OCP through the Corsair Link software. On this side we also find the self-test switch and an indicator LED along with the communications port through which you can control/monitor the PSU via the Corsair Link software. Finally, the power specifications label is installed on the unit's bottom side in order to be less annoying visually.
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