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I must say, I was more than just impressed when taking a look at the case for the first time. Corsair has truly managed to take the military look, tone it down and apply it to a chassis. If they would have added stripes or military text to the case, things would have been completely different. Instead the Vengeance C70 manages to hit the golden middle in terms of design, while still remaining appealing for the masses.

Looking slightly like a military ammo box, the front consists of clean straight lines and a slightly extruded frame around the front panel. In the rear the case features the same military green look as the side panels, which means that the interior will have it as well.

The main side panel holds a large, square windows encased in a fashion I have not seen in on any other case before. The panel has been placed onto the metal frame and its edge covered to hide any screws or mounting material. You will also find holes for two 120 or 140 mm fans in the window itself. Both panels are extruded slightly to give the case a bulkier look and additional space. Two pairs of clips hold each panel in place. These do not only add to the overall look and feel, but also manage to pin down each panel perfectly, negating the need for screws.

A metal mesh part with hexagon shaped openings gives access to fresh air for the intake fans, while three 5.25" bays fill up the top part along with an I/O consisting of two USB 3.0 and the usual audio connectivity. Both the power and reset buttons however are a beautiful sight and are the perfect fit for this case. A red square button is used to turn the system on, while a panic button, covered to safeguard against unintentional activation has been embedded as a reset button. Darn cool Corsair, darn cool!

Turning the chassis around, there is another really cool little design element. While the PSU bay is of the traditional kind, with two possibilities to mount a power supply, the air vents in the removable motherboard expansion slot covers and the vent next to these have been slanted to go with the overall design of the Vengeance C70 once again. Above those is a 120 mm exhaust fan, and two covered openings for water cooling. Interestingly enough, Corsair did not include any rubber grommets in the contents box to use these, so you will have to acquire some yourself - which makes little sense.

The top of the Vengeance C70 features two spring loaded carrying handles which are bolted to the frame of the chassis. This means that you will not have to worry about a handle breaking off when the case is being transported in a filled state. These handles make transportation a bit easier when hauling the system to friends or a LAN party for example. In the middle you may install two 120 or 140 mm fans once more, or even go for liquid cooling like the H100.

Before we dodge the bullets and dive into the Vengeance C70, a quick peek at its underside reveals that even the feet have been designed in a fashion to go with the rest of the military look.
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