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Cresyn CS-HP500 Headphones

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The CS-HP500s are available in both a black and white livery. The headphones have a logo mounted in a sort of a trick mirror on each side of the cups, giving them a very "bling" appearance, unfortunately in the 12 year old boy with diamond earrings kind of way.

The CS-HP500s can accommodate most head sizes, but if you have a wide skull the pressure on your ears will most likely become intolerable. The clamping force is quite high and with my pretty normal sized head the pressure becomes annoying after approximately 20 minutes of listening. Couple that with the fake leather pads and they are hell to listen to for an extended period of time, both because of the pressure and the heat buildup.

Folded up the Cresyn CS-HP500s is really compact, not much space wasted. The CS-HP500s are very good if your only concern is portability.

Unfortunately the pads are covered with the tackiest kind of fake leather which means that your ears become excruciatingly hot after a relatively short period of time. They should have spent more money and effort on the pads rather than the aesthetics in my opinion, since they do not avoid any of the comfort related pitfalls.

Both the cup pads and the headband pads are covered with the fake leather. The pads on the cups do not nearly make up for the higher than average clamping force. The headband pads are adequate.
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