Danger Den DD-29XT HD 2900 XT Waterblock Review 26

Danger Den DD-29XT HD 2900 XT Waterblock Review

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We all know Danger Den produces top quality cooling solutions, I from experience, have loved their full coverage Radeon X1900 waterblock, opting for total cooling of all the hotspots on a graphics card for optimal stability and overclocking potential.

What I have here is a pre-release version of the HD2900 XT full coverage waterblock for AMD Radeon graphics cards, kindly offered to me on a pre-release deal from Dan Stephens of Danger Den.
This block offers complete coverage including RAM chips on the front and back of the PCB, as well as voltage regulators.

Notable features of this waterblock are:
  • Pure copper 110 used for the copper base
  • RAM chips have direct contact with copper base
  • Very low profile 1-slot cooler solution with great looking see through Acrylic top!
  • Crossfire prepped by allowing barbs to be fitted in either an up or down direction
  • very low flow restriction and pressure drop
  • Compatibility with 1/2" and 3/8" and also Danger Den specific barb fit types
  • Pressure tested and comes with a warranty sticker across the joining seal plates as proof of testing
Stated Advantages from the official website:
  • Includes the Danger Den warranty and support via Phone, Email, Forums, Live chat, or Ticket systems
  • Bridges to cool all components build in, no need for fiddling with separate components
  • Allows silent operation compared to noisy stock/OEM heatsink
  • Uses the international standard G 1/4 BSPP Fittings
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