ECS A85F2-A Golden for AMD Socket FM2 APUs 3

ECS A85F2-A Golden for AMD Socket FM2 APUs

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The ECS A85F2-A Golden comes wrapped in a golden box - surprise, surprise. The flashy gold wrapping is similar on both the front and the back, with nothing much except for a logo and the board's name. Each side does have a flap with a bunch of feature highlights, and there is a window that lets you peek at the board itself.

Inside are two black boxes: one with the accessories bundle, meager as it is, and the other with the board itself kept securely inside the box by a large spacer.


There's not much here, but that's the normal fare for such products at the entry level. There are quite a few SATA cables - more than you'd normally see, since there's one for every single one of the seven internal SATA ports, but ECS has always pleased me in that way.
  • 1x Driver Disc
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Set-Up Manual
  • 1x I/O Shield
  • 7x SATA 6 Gb/s cables with locking pins
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