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Enermax Platimax 850 W Review

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The packaging's color matches the PSU's platinum efficiency and the crown, above the Platimax logo, is eye catchy. The box is rather big but has small depth and on its front side Enermax didn't put a photo of the unit itself but chose a honeycomb strip instead. A pretty weird artistic selection, that's for sure. On the rear we are informed about various technical aspects of the unit and on one of the two sides we find the power specifications of the three smaller Platimax units (the 500W version is not included here).


Unfortunately the PSU is not protected by a cloth or at least a plastic bag and we didn't find any packaging foam on top of it. Since our sample was not sealed maybe the final products feature better protection. The bundle is quite rich including a nylon pouch bag with all modular cables, the power guard bracket, an AC power cord, a set of fixing bolts along with an Enermax sticker, a set of Velcro ties and finally the user's manual.


The unit features a high quality heavy matte finish which is scratch resistant and fingerprint proof. In the side the eye-catchy Platimax painted logo steals the impressions while on the front we meet the classic honeycomb design grill along with an On/Off switch. Right under the AC receptacle there are two sockets for the installation of a cord guard bracket, which secures the AC power cord firmly in place. On the rear on the modular panel there are plenty of sockets and underneath it there is a table with the power distribution of all modular sockets. Finally all captive cables are fully sleeved back into the housing and around the cable exit hole there is a grommet.
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