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Enermax Triathlor FC 550 W Review

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The box that contains the PSU is small and white. The front has a photo of the unit along with the Enermax logo, the 80 Plus Bronze badge, the capacity description, and a mention of the fan model that is used for cooling.

This side has a table listing the available connectors of all modular Thriathlor units. Unfortunately, there is no mention as for the cable lengths. This side also displays the warranty period of three years.

The rear side has a lot of useful information including the unit's most crucial features, some illustrations about the TB fan, a graph showing the 80 Plus Bronze efficiency curve in comparison to the plain 80 Plus one, and, finally, the power-specifications table of all three Thriathlor FC models. The top-right corner also has Enermax inform us of the utilization of DC-DC converters for the generation of the minor rails, and a mention of the flat modular cables is made in the bottom-right corner on the rear side.


The PSU is not protected by packing foam; it only comes in some bubble wrap. We would obviously like to see the unit a tick better protected.

The bundle includes a pouch for the modular cables, some Velcro straps for cable management purposes, a set of fixing bolts (not shown in the photos above), an AC power cord, a user's manual, and a rather outdated product catalogue (dated summer of 2012).

The modular cables are flat and stealth (all wires are black). As you can see, this unit only has five modular cables, which is mainly due to its small capacity and the fact that it already has two native cables.


The PSU has a semi-glossy, black finish that resists fingerprints fairly well. Not that the future user will care about fingerprints, but we reviewers certainly do, at least during our photo-shooting session. A matte or at least semi-glossy finish is not only more resistant to fingerprints, it is, compared to the glossy finish, also more resistant to scratches. The front of the PSU consists of a relatively small honeycomb-style ventilation grille. The on/off switch is right next to the AC receptacle. The sides have the series description, and the rear has the few modular sockets along with two native cables. A plastic grommet around the cable exit hole protects the cables from any potentially sharp edges.

The specifications label is installed on the bottom side, while we find a classically designed fan grille with an Enermax logo on its center on the opposite side.
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