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FSP Aurum CM Gold 750 W Review

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The package is quite large and the used black and the gold colors make a nice mix. On the front there is an image of the Aurum unit, which is surrounded by the arrow's of the Arrow Flow Technology. As is usual, on the rear of the packaging we can find much more useful information about the product. In this case we are informed about the power specifications, the available cables and connectors along with their length, efficiency and acoustic noise curves and further characteristics.


Once we find the box we find a very neat packaging. The PSU sits in the middle while on its three sides there are equal compartments storing its hardwired cables and the bundled accessories. The only thing we disliked here was that not even a plastic wrap protected the unit itself and to be frank at such a price tag we expected a cloth bag. The bundle includes a set of thumbscrews for chassis mounting, a user's manual, several Velcro ties, the modular flat modular cables (no storing pouch for them either) and the necessary AC power cord.


The black heavy matte finish is fairly scratch resistant and the peculiar design of the fan grill is eye catchy. Also on the front we don't meet the classic honeycomb design grill but a unique ventilation (Arrow Flow Technology) with arrow shape holes, which according to FSP improve air extraction. On the rear side we find five modular sockets and a grommet around the cable exit hole. While the hardwired cables are round, the modular ones are flat and have an industrial look sleeving (meaning that although it does its job quite well its looks aren't so great).
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